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Generic Conveyor

The generic conveyor is the primary assembly structure on Shiftbulk. This list of elements creates the template used for the assembly conveyor structures. i.e. which node groups and nodes should be combined and in what order.

parent a_attr displaytype detail Image filter order Heading type text icon headings
# Details specific to this report. -1 h1 Project Details fas fa-project-diagram Description,Detail,Units,Value
5f4f8f1c07bd2150b0f99187 5f4f81dbcb3102657cccdd5d Company Details. -2 h1 Company Details far fa-building Description,Value
5f4f8f1c07bd2150b0f99187 5bcc5f966b1f164294a25d9f 0 h1 Project Detail fas fa-cog Description,Value
5a5613873229f0462088536e 58feff2d73c642469cf8f382 list 1 h1 Limitations fas fa-list
590b4af6d53ae03b94a1dee2 5a4cba3f6f44d54584a5fb89 10 h2 Design Capacity fas fa-cog Description,Detail,Units,Value
5cfb373e7bfaf375a054306b 5a5363c494a70b3af4f39ac8 100 h4 Idler Trestles fas fa-cog Description
# 1000 h1 Quality Management fas fa-paperclip
5d09beea1da5d94d30f6bb7d 5cd3bbe79b0482120065a6f6 1001 h2 Lessons Learned fas fa-paperclip
5d09beea1da5d94d30f6bb7d 5b20cd17c690ce5e4c0f7bf5 A list of supplied quality management documentation. 1002 h2 Quality Management Documents fas fa-paperclip Description,Value
5d09beea1da5d94d30f6bb7d 5c4d9fa2813cfd10e88fcebe 1003 h2 Report and Drawing Templates fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Value
5a4e34424b8df750305f0c5f 101 h2 Power Packs Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a54a03a9728ec03888c2667 5f6d82b3a059ab00045cd706 102 h3 Backstops fas fa-cog
5a54a03a9728ec03888c2667 103 h3 Brake Systems fas fa-cog
5a54a03a9728ec03888c2667 5a545e14fe70a0470cf87bfb 104 h3 Fluid Couplings fas fa-cog Description,Value
5a54a03a9728ec03888c2667 105 h3 Flywheels fas fa-cog
5a54a03a9728ec03888c2667 5a53490394a70b3af4f39a68 106 h3 Gear Reducers fas fa-cog Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a54a03a9728ec03888c2667 5a5198fe4e84af45d0cdb082 107 h3 Induction Motors fas fa-cog Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a54a03a9728ec03888c2667 5a545ffafe70a0470cf87c08 108 h3 Low speed coupling fas fa-cog Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a4e34424b8df750305f0c5f 109 h2 Pulleys Description,Detail,Units,Value
590b4af6d53ae03b94a1dee2 5dc16c81d8f9bc25f8db3fd5 11 h2 Design Scenarios fas fa-cog Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a4e35eb4b8df750305f0c67 594910fc8cda6431945a2fb6 {"Description":"HT Drive"} 110 h3 HT Drive Pulley fas fa-cog Description,Units,Value
5a4e35eb4b8df750305f0c67 594910fc8cda6431945a2fb6 {"Description":"HT Snub"} 111 h3 HT Snub Pulley fas fa-cog Description,Units,Value
5a4e35eb4b8df750305f0c67 594910fc8cda6431945a2fb6 {"Description":"LT Snub"} 112 h3 LT Snub Pulley fas fa-cog Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a4e35eb4b8df750305f0c67 5a4f5a254b8df750305f0cc7 113 h3 Lagging Type fas fa-cog Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a4e35eb4b8df750305f0c67 594910fc8cda6431945a2fb6 114 h3 Special Pulleys fas fa-cog Description,Units,Value
590b4af6d53ae03b94a1dee2 5bb307d1e8e8092114aea6f9 12 h2 Drive Details fas fa-cog Description,Detail,Units,Value
590b4af6d53ae03b94a1dee2 5bb3079ee8e8092114aea6f8 13 h2 Idlers fas fa-cog Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a4e34424b8df750305f0c5f 130 h2 Wheel Drives
5e3fdbfc87e5c539b89e91ba 5e3fdc9a87e5c539b89e91bd Wheel Drive Design 131 h3 Wheel Drive Design fas fa-cog Description,Detail,Units,Value
5e3fdbfc87e5c539b89e91ba 5a5198fe4e84af45d0cdb082 Wheel Drive Induction Motor 132 h3 Wheel Drive Induction Motor fas fa-cog Description,Detail,Units,Value
5e3fdbfc87e5c539b89e91ba 5e3fda1587e5c539b89e91b2 133 h3 Wheel Drive Product fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Value
590b4af6d53ae03b94a1dee2 5902fa49e39d634468d2b7a3 14 h2 Material fas fa-cog Description,Detail,Units,Value
# 14 h1 Documentation fas fa-list Description,Detail,Units,Value
590b4af6d53ae03b94a1dee2 5bb46735e8e8092114aea795 15 h2 Take-up System fas fa-cog Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a5613873229f0462088536e 591016d5d0c87d43a49514c2 15 h2 Additional Information fas fa-list Description,Value
5a5613873229f0462088536e 5a505c8c4192b84e04b5d566 16 h2 Belt Cleaning Systems fas fa-list Description,Value
5a5613873229f0462088536e 58f8a3dc6baa3a33ccff5295 17 h2 Conveyor Belt Safety fas fa-list Description,Value
5a5613873229f0462088536e 59100a40d0c87d43a495141b list 18 h2 General Exclusions fas fa-list Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a5613873229f0462088536e 59100a40d0c87d43a495141b list 19 h2 General Inclusions fas fa-list Description,Detail,Units,Value
5f4f8f1c07bd2150b0f99187 5f4f8cd907bd2150b0f9917d Author Details. 2 h1 Author fas fa-user Description,Value
5a5613873229f0462088536e 5a4c54e15ffa1907489008ed glossary 20 h2 Glossary fas fa-list Description,Detail,Units,Value
# group 200 h1 Products fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Value
5a5613873229f0462088536e 5a433bef0834ff4698ba2f8e 21 h2 Pedestrian crossings fas fa-list Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a5613873229f0462088536e 5a53427894a70b3af4f39a57 22 h2 Pull Keys fas fa-list Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a5613873229f0462088536e 58f8a3dc6baa3a33ccff5295 23 h2 Standards and Specifications fas fa-list Description,Value
5a44bdccd6f4df3a2022810e group 230 h2 Belt Cleaning Systems Description,Detail,Units,Value
590b46bcd53ae03b94a1deda 591bd48723ccb623685bafaa 231 h3 Ploughs fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Value
590b46bcd53ae03b94a1deda 591bcee023ccb623685baf85 232 h3 Stage 1 Cleaner fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Value
590b46bcd53ae03b94a1deda 591a8d41cb21ed397487c122 233 h3 Stage 2 Cleaner fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Value
5a4f5e5b4b8df750305f0ce9 5f44ce890407fb0004e78e7b 234 h4 Electronic Conventional Sounder fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Value
# 24 h1 Drawings Notes fas fa-draw-polygon Description,Value
5a44bdccd6f4df3a2022810e group 240 h2 Belt Illumination
5cf5ee59dc748662f04b3d05 5cd41341a2a5383fd801495a 241 h3 Flood Lights fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Value
5cf5ee59dc748662f04b3d05 5cd4115ea2a5383fd8014955 242 h3 Lighting Mounting fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Value
5a5061914192b84e04b5d576 5b29efb4d16db96de8de3ab7 list 25 h2 General Notes - Electrical fas fa-list Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a5061914192b84e04b5d576 5cbeab170682dd4ff426c772 list 26 h2 General Notes - Flooring fas fa-list Description
5a5061914192b84e04b5d576 5cbeab270682dd4ff426c773 list 27 h2 General Notes - Platework fas fa-list Description
5a5061914192b84e04b5d576 5b29eab7d16db96de8de3a8c list 28 h2 General Notes - Steelwork fas fa-list Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a44bdccd6f4df3a2022810e group 280 h2 Belt sealing systems Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a4cbd496f44d54584a5fbaa 5a03f0c77403640828d7e1e9 281 h3 Chute Sealing System fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Value
5a5061914192b84e04b5d576 5b29eaedd16db96de8de3a8e list 29 h2 General Notes - Surface Treatment fas fa-list Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a44bdccd6f4df3a2022810e group 290 h2 Belting Products Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a44bde1d6f4df3a20228110 5a5498a49728ec03888c264b 291 h3 Mechanical Fasteners fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Value
5a44bdccd6f4df3a2022810e group 300 h2 Cable Racks
5cf5efc9dc748662f04b3d18 5e3fd34387e5c539b89e9193 301 h3 Cable Racks fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Value
5cf5efc9dc748662f04b3d18 5bcf5ede6b1f164294a25db3 302 h3 Custom Cable Racks fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Value
5a44bdccd6f4df3a2022810e group Material Storage Equipment 310 h2 Material Storage
5ddfbb8ffc113706904cb110 5ddfb92afc113706904cb109 Level Measurement 311 h3 Level Measurement fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Value
5a44bdccd6f4df3a2022810e group 320 h2 Screw take-ups Description,Value
5a431f4cbdf95b3e3cacb904 5b29e2c3d16db96de8de3a7e 321 h3 Screw take-up fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Value
5a44bdccd6f4df3a2022810e group 330 h2 Sheaves
5b82be86d66c227328cd0bd5 5a53354c94a70b3af4f39a20 331 h3 Horizontal Sheaves fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Value
5b82be86d66c227328cd0bd5 5a5334b094a70b3af4f39a1e 332 h3 Vertical Sheaves fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Value
5a44bdccd6f4df3a2022810e group 340 h2 Take-up Assembly Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a432040bdf95b3e3cacb90d 5a4e36b44b8df750305f0c6c 341 h3 Wire Rope fas fa-shopping-cart Description
5a44bdccd6f4df3a2022810e group 350 h2 Walkways
5cf5f01ddc748662f04b3d1c group 351 h3 Handrails
5cf5f026dc748662f04b3d1d 5b0d3ab94dbfa62894d30017 352 h4 Hinge Kits fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Value
5cf5f01ddc748662f04b3d1c 6049f8514c77b65430489356 353 h4 Dog House Sheeting fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Value
5a44bdccd6f4df3a2022810e group 360 h2 Winch Arrangements Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a432039bdf95b3e3cacb90c 5a52feef94a70b3af4f399b6 361 h3 Motorized Hand Winch fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Units,Value
5a432039bdf95b3e3cacb90c 5f6b10bda212cd0004584c46 Take-Up Winch 362 h3 Take-Up Winch fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a44bdccd6f4df3a2022810e group 370 h2 Conveyor chute work Description,Units,Value
5a431ed3bdf95b3e3cacb901 371 h3 Blocked chute probes Description,Detail,Units,Value
5b29e32dd16db96de8de3a82 5caddee7cf4cf1512808dc2d 372 h4 Microwave Switch fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Value
5b29e32dd16db96de8de3a82 5a55f92c3229f04620885349 373 h4 Tilt Switch fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Value
5a431ed3bdf95b3e3cacb901 375 h3 Chute Flange Sealing Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a44bdd9d6f4df3a2022810f 5b82bcb7d66c227328cd0bce 376 h4 Chute Flange Sealer fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Value
# 4 h1 Design Parameters fas fa-cog
5a44bdccd6f4df3a2022810e group 400 h2 Belt Safety Devices Description,Value
5a43332f95d8342f20c4a4df 410 h3 Audio Visual Alarms Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a43332f95d8342f20c4a4df 420 h3 Belt Arrestors Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a43332f95d8342f20c4a4df 430 h3 Belt Misalignment Detectors Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a4320d2bdf95b3e3cacb916 5a55fc8f3229f0462088534d 431 h4 Belt Misalignment Sensor fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Value
5a43332f95d8342f20c4a4df 440 h3 Belt Speed Sensor Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a4c50eb5ffa1907489008d3 5a55f3fb3229f0462088533a 441 h4 Belt Speed Sensor fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Value
5a4c50eb5ffa1907489008d3 5a55f4813229f0462088533c 442 h4 Tachometer Relay fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Value
5a43332f95d8342f20c4a4df 450 h3 Belt Tear Detectors Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a4320c2bdf95b3e3cacb915 5f4c6d7860d2c742d04303ea Longitudinal belt tear incidents can occur at the transfer chutes. It is crucial to detect these tears as early as possible, since even the smallest of tears will easily incur costly damage when left undetected. 451 h4 Tear Detectors - Mechanical fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Value
5a43332f95d8342f20c4a4df 460 h3 Conveyor Guarding Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a43332f95d8342f20c4a4df 460 h3 Metal Detector far fa-folder
5f8957597f55db00045b3320 5f89559a7f55db00045b3319 461 h4 Metal Detection Devices fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a43332f95d8342f20c4a4df 470 h3 Controller Systems Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a432010bdf95b3e3cacb90a 5a2a1fe02e1c1330dc94eaea 471 h4 Head End Control Unit fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a432010bdf95b3e3cacb90a 5a2a1fab2e1c1330dc94eae6 472 h4 Conveyor Primary Device fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a43332f95d8342f20c4a4df 480 h3 Conveyor Trip Switches Description,Detail,Units,Value
5909cb86545fa738c45954f5 5ddf920efc113706904cb0f8 List of belt safety pigtails. 481 h4 Pigtail fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Value
5909cb86545fa738c45954f5 5a437ca27f653f539c65ba04 482 h4 Pull Key fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Value
590b4af6d53ae03b94a1dee2 58fdb5100c8b981ccc7c242c 5 h2 Operation fas fa-cog Description,Detail,Units,Value
# 50 h1 Equipment fas fa-wrench Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a43332f95d8342f20c4a4df 500 h3 Rip Detection Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a44bdccd6f4df3a2022810e group 510 h2 Belt Support Systems Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a44bdccd6f4df3a2022810e group 520 h2 Belt Tracking Systems Description,Detail,Units,Value
590b4af6d53ae03b94a1dee2 5902cfc1d8bc512b40c9b172 The list of applicable conveyor systems. 6 h2 Conveyor Systems fas fa-cog Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a4e34424b8df750305f0c5f 60 h2 Conveyor Belting Description,Detail,Units,Value
# 600 h1 Dust fas fa-shower
5f43c726a2f5bb0004bdaf5a 5f43c42ca2f5bb0004bdaf54 601 h2 Buffer Water Tank fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Value
5f43c726a2f5bb0004bdaf5a 5f684da8668d8c0004d8d480 Selected liquid dust suppression nozzle types. 602 h2 Liquid Nozzles fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a3cd7ac4be0224980a559cc 58fc4d137a525938d01fbd4f 61 h3 Conveyor Belt fas fa-cog Description,Detail,Units,Value
590b4af6d53ae03b94a1dee2 5bb45cf3e8e8092114aea76c 7 h2 Belt Speed fas fa-cog Description,Detail,Units,Value
5a4e34424b8df750305f0c5f group 70 h2 Idlers Description,Detail,Units,Value
# 700 h1 Fire fas fa-fire-extinguisher
5f4397d1489bee0004355683 5f4398e4489bee000435568b 701 h2 Fire extinguishers fas fa-shopping-cart Description,Value
5b82beccd66c227328cd0bd7 71 h3 Idler Rolls Description
5cfb36db7bfaf375a0543069 58fc8ec17272c0425864d8c7 72 h4 Idler Rolls fas fa-cog Description,Detail,Units,Value
5b82beccd66c227328cd0bd7 group 73 h3 Idler Sets
5cfb36ee7bfaf375a054306a 74 h4 Carry Idlers
5cfb39f07bfaf375a054308a 5cfb384c7bfaf375a0543077 75 h5 1 Roll Flat Carry fas fa-cog Description
5cfb39f07bfaf375a054308a 5cfb37fb7bfaf375a0543071 76 h5 Picking Centre Roll fas fa-cog Description
5cfb39f07bfaf375a054308a 5cfb388b7bfaf375a054307c 77 h5 Troughing 2 Roll fas fa-cog Description
5cfb39f07bfaf375a054308a 5cfb38997bfaf375a054307d 78 h5 Troughing 3 Roll - Garland fas fa-cog Description
5cfb39f07bfaf375a054308a 5cfb38087bfaf375a0543072 79 h5 Troughing 3 Roll fas fa-cog Description,Detail,Units,Value
590b4af6d53ae03b94a1dee2 5a50a0704e84af45d0cdb05d 8 h2 Conveyor Chute Work fas fa-cog Description,Detail,Units,Value
5cfb39f07bfaf375a054308a 5cfb38c37bfaf375a054307f 80 h5 Troughing 5 Roll fas fa-cog Description
5cfb36ee7bfaf375a054306a 85 h4 Load Points
5cfb39de7bfaf375a0543089 5cfb38ab7bfaf375a054307e 86 h5 Impact 2 Roll fas fa-cog Description
5cfb39de7bfaf375a0543089 59044d82f588ab3c34e267b1 87 h5 Impact 3 Roll fas fa-cog Description,Detail,Units,Value
5cfb39de7bfaf375a0543089 5cfb38d27bfaf375a0543080 88 h5 Impact 5 Roll fas fa-cog Description
5cfb36ee7bfaf375a054306a 89 h4 Return Idlers
590b4af6d53ae03b94a1dee2 5bb308e5e8e8092114aea6fa 9 h2 Conveyor Installation fas fa-cog Description,Detail,Units,Value
5cfb39f87bfaf375a054308b 5cfb38137bfaf375a0543073 90 h5 1 Roll Extended Return fas fa-cog Description
5cfb39f87bfaf375a054308b 5cfb38e87bfaf375a0543081 91 h5 1 Roll Flat Return fas fa-cog Description
5cfb39f87bfaf375a054308b 5cfb391f7bfaf375a0543083 92 h5 2 Roll V-Return fas fa-cog Description,Detail,Units,Value
5cfb36ee7bfaf375a054306a 93 h4 Transition Idlers
5cfb3a037bfaf375a054308c 5cfb38c37bfaf375a054307f 94 h5 Troughing 5 Roll fas fa-cog Description
5cfb3a037bfaf375a054308c 5cfb38087bfaf375a0543072 95 h5 Troughing 3 Roll fas fa-cog Description,Detail,Units,Value
5b82beccd66c227328cd0bd7 96 h3 Idler Structure
5cfb373e7bfaf375a054306b 5a53582f94a70b3af4f39a7c 97 h4 Idler Feet fas fa-cog Description
5cfb373e7bfaf375a054306b 5a5357cf94a70b3af4f39a79 98 h4 Idler H-Frames fas fa-cog Description
5cfb373e7bfaf375a054306b 5a5357ed94a70b3af4f39a7a 99 h4 Idler Stringers fas fa-cog Description

Use the navigation tree to interact with the components. Each node in the tree is a data set used for construction of workspace assemblies.


Shiftbulk aims to improve the speed of design, detailing and purchasing of a conveyor system. It aims at reducing the complexity of sourcing equipment, specifying designs, generation and management of equipment lists and generally reducing the complexity of OEM product selection. Beta 0.9.01

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