Information Required

List of contract inclusions under the "information required" section for a bulk material handling belt conveyor system project.

Information Required
Conveyor layout.
Equipment schedules including belt, pulley, drive, idler and take-up information.
Photographs of existing installation.
Preferred choice of chute liner material
Limitations on the use and retention of tooling and equipment brought into site.
Site initiation requirements.
SCADA data: amp draw on drives, deco (speed sensor) wheel feedback. Ideally scale data to determine actual mass flow on conveyor or design tensions through drive system.
Overall operational availability, in terms of operating hours per year and probable delays due to poor weather, holidays and shift patterns.
Details on possible routing options for the materials handling equipment (including land ownership considerations, road crossing etc.).
Process design criteria ( i.e. material PSD estimates , bulk densities and material contamination in the form of tramp )
Site surveys.
Allocation of drawing numbers for the project.
Site / Company specific drawing borders.
Any previous reports issued on equipment behavior.
List of preferred site & fabrication contractor.
Existing Study Documentation.
Rated Nameplates of drive units.

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