An Introduction to Fraternate, Cleaner-wrasse and Heavy-lifting.

What is Fraternate?

npm install fraternate
npm install cleaner-wrasse
npm install heavy-lifting

Fraternate is a standalone copy of the GitHub user management system. Designed using a mongodB, NodeJS, expressjs and Handlebarsjs MVC (model view controller).

Fraternate should be used as a barebones boilerplate that can be modified to integrate into your sites custom content and allowing for a complete user management system. This website has a copy hosted on GitHub to allow users to copy the functionality directly.

Follow the installation instructions to download, create a local deployment and begin development of your app with prebuilt user and organizational control. Including commercial integration to allow for paid subscription services.

Cleaner-Wrasse is an open-source issue tracking CRUD designed to duplicate the Github issue tracking system.

Heavy-lifting is parent-child relationship-based mongo dB database system, designed for complex information cataloguing.

User Control

  • Sign in / Login
  • Signup
  • Oauth GitHub / Google
  • Unique Usernames
  • Recaptcha
  • Forgot Password
  • Delete Account
  • Public Profile
  • Profile Pictures
  • Email Notifications

Organization Control

  • Create Organization
  • Delete Organization
  • Invite to Organization
  • Request Invite to Organization
  • Edit Memberships
  • Unique Organization Names
  • Public Organization Profile

Subscription Payments

  • Braintree
  • PayPal
  • PayFast

Issue Tracking

  • Copy of GitHub Issue tracking
  • Form based issue tracking system
  • Standalone database

Engine Beta 0.9



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