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Welcome to Shiftbulk, a specialized platform for mining engineers. Streamline the design, optimization, and procurement of conveyor systems with our extensive component database. Create tailored solutions, manage costs effectively, and enhance supplier collaboration. Experience advanced conveyor management with Shiftbulk for improved productivity. Beta 0.9.01

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A collaborative approach to engineering design.

Shiftbulk is revolutionizing the engineering industry by offering a collaborative approach to design through its platform. With the aim of simplifying the process of sourcing equipment and specifying designs, Shiftbulk has created a comprehensive database of conveyor components that can be assembled to create a customized conveyor system. By using open databases and running cost and supplier optimizations, users can create a tailored solution for their needs. The platform includes a shop that features OEM items used in belt conveyor systems, making it easier for users to find and purchase the necessary components. With Shiftbulk, designing and purchasing conveyor systems has never been faster or more efficient.

ShiftBulk is a cutting-edge platform specifically designed for mining sector engineers. Its collaborative approach to engineering design streamlines the process of sourcing and specifying conveyor components, reducing complexity and increasing efficiency. With its extensive database of conveyor components, users can easily assemble custom conveyor systems and run cost and supplier optimizations to create a tailored solution. The platform's shop features OEM items specifically used in mining sector belt conveyor systems, making it a go-to resource for engineers in the industry. With ShiftBulk, mining sector engineers can design and purchase conveyor systems quickly and easily.

Shiftbulk's platform relies on a robust database that stores item details used throughout the site. This includes all individual fields used in forms for the site, as well as details used in the shop, collections, and assembly pages. The database is designed to streamline the design and purchasing process for belt conveyor systems by ensuring that all necessary information is stored in one place.

Shiftbulk's component page is where users can combine details from the database to create more complex product or design elements. This is where groups of components or database parts are combined to create the necessary components for a belt conveyor system. By leveraging the database and the component page, users can efficiently assemble custom conveyor systems tailored to their specific needs.The component page combines details from the database to create a more complex product or design element. i.e components combine groups of components or database parts.

The shop is a key feature of the Shiftbulk platform, as it provides users with access to a collection of OEM items used on belt conveyor systems. By centralizing these items in one place, users can quickly and easily find and purchase the necessary components for their conveyor system. This helps to reduce complexity and speed up the design and purchasing process for conveyor systems.

Once components have been combined into more complex elements, the assemblies page allows users to create complex groupings from components, shop items, and database elements. These groupings can be turned into a report or tested for suitability of the design. By using templates from the components page, users can create efficient and effective conveyor systems that meet their specific needs. The assemblies page is an essential tool for ensuring that all components work together seamlessly and that the final conveyor system meets the user's requirements.

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Conveyors and Operations.

Enhance Your Plant's Conveyor Operations with Shiftbulk

Shiftbulk provides a comprehensive solution for conveyor system management, offering better visibility on equipment and design parameters. Gain insights into the number, location, and specifications of conveyors within your plant to optimize performance and enhance operational efficiency.

The table below shows the collection of operations on Shiftbulk.


The table below shows the collection of conveyors on Shiftbulk.

Conveyor Name Operation
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Shiftbulk is a collaborative platform that simplifies the design and purchasing process for belt conveyor systems. With a comprehensive database of conveyor components, users can create custom systems and optimize costs and suppliers. Beta 0.9.01

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Shiftbulk not only offers conveyor system management solutions, but also provides a dedicated platform for handling comment queries and issues related to your plant's conveyors. Experience seamless communication and swift issue resolution, leading to improved operational efficiency and optimized performance.

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