Shiftbulk has been designed for Engineers in the Southern African mining sector.

Shiftbulk is a framework for Open source belt conveyor design.

BETA 0.7

Conveyors and Operations on Shiftbulk.

Component collections for conveyors and operations are shown below.

The table below shows the collection of operations on Shiftbulk.

Name Latitude Longitude

The table below shows the collection of conveyors on Shiftbulk.

Conveyor Name Operation Latitude Longitude
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Open source machines.
Start building.

A Framework for Belt Conveyor Engineers and Designers.

Build your conveyor from ground up, assembling conveyor components from open databases. Use these components to assembly your conveyor system, and run optimization on costs, suppliers and mechanical design.

The database contains every discrete element of a conveyor system that can be stored on the site. These elements are used throughout the site as list entries form groups, sets of components and data entries.

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The components page allows for the creation, viewing, updating and deleting of items on this site. Use the components to create new assembly structures for later use in reporting.

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The shop contains all of the equipment to be used in purchasing schedules on this site. Please contact us via email if you would like to incorporate your product into this list.

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The assembly page allows for the combination of all site entries in complex reporting structures. Build contracts, create purchasing instructions and build equipment.

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