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Road Map

Shiftbulk is still in beta development. Here as some of the targets for future development.

  • Incorporate a testing methodology to the assembly structures. This will define the assemblies with a percentage complete, the testing will be custom built to allow for detailed engineering reviews to be conducted quickly and systematically.
  • Incorporation of 2D visual representation of components using HTML canvas elements.
  • Refinement of the user permission management.
  • Back end supplier integration for payments and order tacking.
  • Cost integration to allow for detailed costing sheets.
  • Workflow integration for project teams. linking to existing ERP systems used by consulting firms.

  • ShiftBulk

    Shiftbulk aims to improve the speed of design, detailing and purchasing of a conveyor system. It aims at reducing the complexity of sourcing equipment, specifying designs, generation and management of equipment lists and generally reducing the complexity of OEM product selection. Beta 0.9.01

    Built with the Fraternate user framework

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