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Conveyor Belt Ploughs

Conveyor Belt Ploughs are installed to reduce carry back on a belt conveyor system. When material gets onto the return belt, it is carried back to the tail pulley. This “carry back “is likely to cause belt cover damage, lagging damage, tracking issues, and in extreme cases belt damage or belt tears. They are generally divided into single side discharge(...

Detail Supplier Part Number Supplier id Url Dependencies Image Description
APPLICATIONS The E405 V-Plough is designed to be easil... Brelko Conveyor Products E405 591bd19123ccb623685baf9d Link

V-Plough Belt Scraper

APPLICATIONS The E405 V-Plough is designed to be easily installed in a trailing configuration on the inner surface of a conveyor belt return strand just before any nip position, allowing it to remove and thus prevent any material which has spilled onto t...

Light and heavy duty application Belt widths from 450 m... Martin Engineering 59a90434f8cd6d47b4056481 Link

Bias Plough

Light and heavy duty application Belt widths from 450 mm - 2400 mm Suitable for service temperatures to 100°C and belt speeds up to 6.5 m.s-1 The plough is mounted on the conveyor stringers and the blade is held at a constant angle to the belt surface, in...

An effective solution for protecting your tail pulley -... Flexco CBV-XS 5a549ca19728ec03888c2651 Link


An effective solution for protecting your tail pulley - as well as your mechanical splices and lagging - the V-Plow is uniquely designed to clean the inside (clean side) of your return belt.

APPLICATIONS The E505 Angle Plough is used as an alter... Brelko Conveyor Products E505 591bd19123ccb623685baf9d Link

Angle Plough Belt Scrapers

APPLICATIONS The E505 Angle Plough is used as an alternative to the E405 V-Plough when the material scraped off the inner belt surface can only be discharged to one side of the belt. For use on reversible belts. FEATURES Unique track mounted scraping bla...

Simple centre-mount suspension system for: Greatly simp... Martin Engineering 59a90434f8cd6d47b4056481 Link ["59008f291f713b350cab33a5","5bb45d23e8e8092114aea76e"]


Simple centre-mount suspension system for: Greatly simplified installation. Maximum flexibility to accommodate changing lateral belt angles. Patented spring-loaded rear mount ensures constant positive pressure on the belt, irrespective of belt angle. Posi...



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