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Tilt Switch

A collection of tilt switch products for belt conveyor transfer chutes.

Detail Supplier Part Number Url Supplier id Image Description
The CTS 600 BCD block chute detector is a tilt-type swi... CT systems CTS 600 BCD Link 5a55f81f3229f04620885346

Conveyor Blocked Chute Detector

The CTS 600 BCD block chute detector is a tilt-type switch, which is mounted inside the chute to monitor any blockage in the material conveyed through the chute. The switch consists of 3 mercury switches connected in series. The switches are mounted in a ...

The NEWCO Instruments Tip-Over Sensor is an hermeticall... Newco Instruments NI-TO-S/SM Link 613adbf7025b722e305aec29

Tip-Over Sensor

The NEWCO Instruments Tip-Over Sensor is an hermetically sealed switch designed for single point level detection. Used with a switch isolator or separately, it is a cost-eective high and low alarm solution for bulk solid level control. The sensor is susp...



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