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To effectively utilize the Shiftbulk platform, access the navigation tree on the left side of the interface. Click on the different components in the tree to interact with them, view their properties, and make adjustments as needed. This user-friendly menu ensures efficient and seamless management of your conveyor system components.

Slider (Skega) Beds

Slider (Skega) Beds utilize UHMW slider bars, the base layer is a highly elastic rubber compound to absorb the material impact, and the UHMW provides a wear resistant low friction running surface for the belt. Slider beds are well suited to dusty environments, as the bed provides a flat surface on the belt to allow a competent seal for any skirting.

Detail Supplier Url Supplier id Image Description
Flexco has the right solutions for your load zone - whe... Flexco Link 5a549ca19728ec03888c2651

Slider/Impact Beds

Flexco has the right solutions for your load zone - whether it’s low-impact applications like sand and gravel or high-impact applications like coal-fired power plants, coal prep plants, and load-out facilities. We’ve engineered superior belt protection a...

Universal feedboot is a load point belt support system ... Brelko Conveyor Products Link 591bd19123ccb623685baf9d

Universal Feedboot

Universal feedboot is a load point belt support system that eliminates conventional conveyor idlers. Universal feedboot is suitable for all belt conveyors handling bulk solids with a particle size less than 50mm and low impact load conditions. The wing pa...



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