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To effectively utilize the Shiftbulk platform, access the navigation tree on the left side of the interface. Click on the different components in the tree to interact with them, view their properties, and make adjustments as needed. This user-friendly menu ensures efficient and seamless management of your conveyor system components.

Electronic Conventional Sounder

Based on legislation , one or more devices are to be fitted and used to give all persons at any point ,where access to the conveyer belt installation is possible sufficient, prior warning for a period to be determined by the mines risk assessment, with a minimum period of 10 seconds, that any part of such a conveyer belt installation is about to be put ...

Detail Supplier Supplier id Image Description
Robust Design Low Current Consumption Easy to Install X... Pioneer Mining Equipment 5f4c791eb1ca2d3e1450c63d

Banshee Excel Lite IP66 (BEL-SBDB) Electronic Conventio...

Robust Design Low Current Consumption Easy to Install Xenon Beacon Technology Deep Base Provides IP66 Protection Maximum 110 dB (A) @ 1 Meter 32 User Selectable Tones and 3 User Volumes White Version Available



Shiftbulk is a collaborative platform that simplifies the design and purchasing process for belt conveyor systems. With a comprehensive database of conveyor components, users can create custom systems and optimize costs and suppliers. Beta 0.9.01

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