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Capstan Winches These are used for such duties as hauling railway trucks in sidings. The rope must be Ordinary Lay and is required to be flexible, provide a good gripping surface on the face of the capstan and be reasonably resistant to wear. Recommended constructions are 6 x 24(15/9/F)/F and 5 x 19 Marline Clad. Overhead Hoists and Small Winches The most commonly used ropes are of the 6 x 36(14/7 + 717/1 )/F and 6 x 19(9/9/ 1)/F constructions in Ordinary Lay. In cases where abrasion could be a problem Langs Lay Rope is recommended. Steel Wire Rope ...


Shiftbulk aims to improve the speed of design, detailing and purchasing of a conveyor system. It aims at reducing the complexity of sourcing equipment, specifying designs, generation and management of equipment lists and generally reducing the complexity of OEM product selection. Beta 0.9.01

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