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Plant Conveyor

This plant conveyor template is legacy, see the generic conveyor structure for the most current assembly structure.

detail a_attr displaytype headings text icon order parent
Belt Arrestors 5a431fe9bdf95b3e3cacb907
Belt Misalignment Detectors 5a431fe9bdf95b3e3cacb907
Belt Speed Sensor 5a431fe9bdf95b3e3cacb907
Belt Tear Detectors 5a431fe9bdf95b3e3cacb907
Conveyor Guarding 5a431fe9bdf95b3e3cacb907
Conveyor Primary Device 5a431fe9bdf95b3e3cacb907
Conveyor Trip Switches 5a431fe9bdf95b3e3cacb907
Head End Control Unit 5a431fe9bdf95b3e3cacb907
Rip Detection 5a431fe9bdf95b3e3cacb907
Conveyor chute work 5a3cd7ac4be0224980a559cc
Belt sealing systems 5a4320b4bdf95b3e3cacb914
Blocked chute probes 5a4320b4bdf95b3e3cacb914
Idlers 5909e22bc93ba53e2cb8aab6
Pulleys 5909e22bc93ba53e2cb8aab6
Limitations to the use of this assembly specification. 58feff2d73c642469cf8f382 list Limitations glyphicon glyphicon-list-alt 1 5a4337430834ff4698ba2f86
Low tension snub pulleys used in this design. 594910fc8cda6431945a2fb6 LT Snub glyphicon glyphicon-cog 10 5a3cb1be079ef2305c3cb05e
Backstops 12 5a43210bbdf95b3e3cacb917
Flywheels 13 5a43210bbdf95b3e3cacb917
Brake Systems 14 5a43210bbdf95b3e3cacb917
Documentation glyphicon glyphicon-list-alt #
Products glyphicon glyphicon-shopping-cart #
Design Parameters glyphicon glyphicon-cog #
Conveyor Belting 5909e22bc93ba53e2cb8aab6
Special pulleys used in this design. 594910fc8cda6431945a2fb6 Special Pulleys glyphicon glyphicon-cog 11 5a3cb1be079ef2305c3cb05e
Pulley lagging types to be used on this specification. 5a4f5a254b8df750305f0cc7 Lagging Type glyphicon glyphicon-cog 12 5a3cb1be079ef2305c3cb05e
The following induction motor/s are suited to this conveyor assembly. 5a5198fe4e84af45d0cdb082 Description,Units,Value Induction Motors glyphicon glyphicon-cog 13 5a43210bbdf95b3e3cacb917
5a545e14fe70a0470cf87bfb Description,Units,Value Fluid Couplings glyphicon glyphicon-cog 14 5a43210bbdf95b3e3cacb917
The following low speed couplings should be used on this conveyor assembly. 5a545ffafe70a0470cf87c08 Description,Units,Value Low speed coupling glyphicon glyphicon-cog 16 5a43210bbdf95b3e3cacb917
Carry idlers used for this assembly. 59044d82f588ab3c34e267b1 Carry Idler Sets glyphicon glyphicon-cog 17 590b4af6d53ae03b94a1dee2
Return idlers used for this assembly. 59044d82f588ab3c34e267b1 Return Idler Sets glyphicon glyphicon-cog 18 590b4af6d53ae03b94a1dee2
Impact idlers used for this design. 59044d82f588ab3c34e267b1 Impact Idler Sets glyphicon glyphicon-cog 19 590b4af6d53ae03b94a1dee2
The following Operational details apply to the conveyor assembly(ies). 58fdb5100c8b981ccc7c242c Operation glyphicon glyphicon-cog 2 5a4e33e94b8df750305f0c5b
The following idler feet are to be used on this conveyor assembly. 5a53582f94a70b3af4f39a7c Description,Units,Value Idler Feet glyphicon glyphicon-cog 20 590b4af6d53ae03b94a1dee2
The following H-frames are applicable to this conveyor assembly. 5a5357cf94a70b3af4f39a79 Description,Units,Value Idler H-Frames glyphicon glyphicon-cog 21 590b4af6d53ae03b94a1dee2
Idler stringers associated with conveyor assembly. 5a5357ed94a70b3af4f39a7a Description,Units,Value Idler Stringers glyphicon glyphicon-cog 22 590b4af6d53ae03b94a1dee2
5a5363c494a70b3af4f39ac8 Description,Units,Value Idler Trestles glyphicon glyphicon-cog 23 590b4af6d53ae03b94a1dee2
The following design parameters are to be observed for chute designs on this equipment. 5a50a0704e84af45d0cdb05d Description,Units,Value Conveyor Chute Work glyphicon glyphicon-cog 24 5a4e353a4b8df750305f0c64
Pedestrian crossing details. 5a433bef0834ff4698ba2f8e Pedestrian crossings glyphicon glyphicon-list-alt 25 5a4e353a4b8df750305f0c64
Description,Units,Value Belt Cleaning Systems 26 5a3cd7ac4be0224980a559cc
Ploughs used for this assembly. 591bd48723ccb623685bafaa Description,Value Ploughs glyphicon glyphicon-shopping-cart 27 5a431ed3bdf95b3e3cacb901
Belt cleaning systems are requried as follows. 5a505c8c4192b84e04b5d566 Description,Value Belt Cleaning Systems glyphicon glyphicon-list-alt 28 5a431ed3bdf95b3e3cacb901
Stage 1 Cleaners used for this design. 591bcee023ccb623685baf85 Stage 1 Cleaner glyphicon glyphicon-shopping-cart 28 5a431ed3bdf95b3e3cacb901
Stage 2 Cleaners applicable to this assembly. 591a8d41cb21ed397487c122 Description,Value Stage 2 Cleaner glyphicon glyphicon-shopping-cart 29 5a431ed3bdf95b3e3cacb901
Conveyor properties applicable to this design. 5902cfc1d8bc512b40c9b172 Conveyor System glyphicon glyphicon-cog 3 5a4e33e94b8df750305f0c5b
Structures 5a4e33e94b8df750305f0c5b
The following gear reducers are suited to this conveyor assembly. 5a53490394a70b3af4f39a68 Description,Value Gear Reducers glyphicon glyphicon-cog 15 5a43210bbdf95b3e3cacb917
Transition idlers used for this assembly. 59044d82f588ab3c34e267b1 Transition Idler Sets glyphicon glyphicon-cog 19 590b4af6d53ae03b94a1dee2
Pull Keys used for this assembly. 5a437ca27f653f539c65ba04 Description,Value Pull Key glyphicon glyphicon-shopping-cart 30 5a43204ebdf95b3e3cacb90f
The following installation parameters apply to pull keys on this conveyor. 5a53427894a70b3af4f39a57 Pull Keys glyphicon glyphicon-list-alt 30 5a43204ebdf95b3e3cacb90f
The following chute sealing systems are required as a minimum. 5a03f0c77403640828d7e1e9 Description,Units,Value Chute Sealing System glyphicon glyphicon-shopping-cart 32 5a4320c2bdf95b3e3cacb915
The following vertical sheaves are to be used on this conveyor assembly. 5a5334b094a70b3af4f39a1e Description,Units,Value Vertical Sheaves glyphicon glyphicon-shopping-cart 33 5a432158bdf95b3e3cacb920
The following horizontal sheaves are to be used on this conveyor assembly. 5a53354c94a70b3af4f39a20 Description,Units,Value Horizontal Sheaves glyphicon glyphicon-shopping-cart 34 5a432158bdf95b3e3cacb920
The following motorised hand winches are applicable to this conveyor assembly. 5a52feef94a70b3af4f399b6 Description,Units,Value Motorised Hand Winch glyphicon glyphicon-cog 35 5a43215ebdf95b3e3cacb921
The details below describe the wire rope requirements on all take-ups and winches. 5a4e36b44b8df750305f0c6c Description,Units,Value Wire Rope glyphicon glyphicon-shopping-cart 36 5a432164bdf95b3e3cacb922
The following mechanical fasteners should be used on this belt. 5a5498a49728ec03888c264b Description,Units,Value Mechanical Fasteners glyphicon glyphicon-shopping-cart 36 5a54a03a9728ec03888c2667
The following conveyor belt safety documentation should be considered as best practice for this assembly. 58f8a3dc6baa3a33ccff5295 Description,Value Conveyor Belt Safety glyphicon glyphicon-list-alt 37 5a4337430834ff4698ba2f86
Standards and Specifications used for this design. 58f8a3dc6baa3a33ccff5295 Description,Value Standards and Specifications glyphicon glyphicon-list-alt 38 5a4337430834ff4698ba2f86
General inclusions applicable to this application. 59100a40d0c87d43a495141b list General Inclusions glyphicon glyphicon-list-alt 39 5a4337430834ff4698ba2f86
General exclusions applicable to this application. 59100a40d0c87d43a495141b list General Exclusions glyphicon glyphicon-list-alt 40 5a4337430834ff4698ba2f86
Material design characteristics for this operation. 5902fa49e39d634468d2b7a3 Material glyphicon glyphicon-cog 5 5a4e33e94b8df750305f0c5b
The following design capacity scenarios are associated with the assembly. 5a4cba3f6f44d54584a5fb89 Design Capacity glyphicon glyphicon-cog 6 5a4e33e94b8df750305f0c5b
Conveyor belting used for this design. 58fc4d137a525938d01fbd4f Conveyor Belt glyphicon glyphicon-cog 7 5a4e34424b8df750305f0c5f
High tension drive pulleys used in this design. 594910fc8cda6431945a2fb6 HT Drive glyphicon glyphicon-cog 8 5a3cb1be079ef2305c3cb05e
Belting Products 5a3cd7ac4be0224980a559cc
5a55fc8f3229f0462088534d Belt Misalignment Sensor glyphicon glyphicon-shopping-cart 5a432010bdf95b3e3cacb90a
5a55f3fb3229f0462088533a Belt Speed Sensor glyphicon glyphicon-shopping-cart 5a432017bdf95b3e3cacb90b
5a55f4813229f0462088533c Tachometer Relay glyphicon glyphicon-shopping-cart 5a432017bdf95b3e3cacb90b
5a55f92c3229f04620885349 Tilt Switch glyphicon glyphicon-shopping-cart 5a4320d2bdf95b3e3cacb916
Screw take-ups 5a432150bdf95b3e3cacb91f
5b29e2c3d16db96de8de3a7e Screw take-up glyphicon glyphicon-shopping-cart 5b29e32dd16db96de8de3a82
Surface treatments to be used for this project. 5b29eaedd16db96de8de3a8e list Surface Treatment glyphicon glyphicon-list-alt 4 5a4337430834ff4698ba2f86
General notes for drawings - Electrical 5b29efb4d16db96de8de3ab7 list General Notes - Electrical glyphicon glyphicon-list-alt 41 5a4337430834ff4698ba2f86
General notes for drawings - Structural 5b29eab7d16db96de8de3a8c list General Notes - Structural glyphicon glyphicon-list-alt 42 5a4337430834ff4698ba2f86
Glossary items applicable to this assembly. 5a4c54e15ffa1907489008ed glossary Glossary glyphicon glyphicon-list-alt 43 5a4337430834ff4698ba2f86
The appendixes to follow provide greater details, visuals and examples for better understanding of the references in the main text. 591016d5d0c87d43a49514c2 Description,Value Appendix glyphicon glyphicon-list-alt 44 5a4337430834ff4698ba2f86
The following drive head combinations are used for this conveyor assembly. 5a544cb094a70b3af4f39b07 Description,Units,Value Drive Head glyphicon glyphicon-cog 45 5a4e353a4b8df750305f0c64
High tension snub pulleys used in this design. 594910fc8cda6431945a2fb6 HT Snub glyphicon glyphicon-cog 9 5a3cb1be079ef2305c3cb05e
Take-up Assemblyssssssss 5a3cd7ac4be0224980a559cc
Belt Tracking Systems 5a3cd7ac4be0224980a559cc
Sheeves 5a432150bdf95b3e3cacb91f
Winch Arrangements 5a432150bdf95b3e3cacb91f
Belt Safety Devices 5a3cd7ac4be0224980a559cc
Belt Support Systems 5a3cd7ac4be0224980a559cc
Audio Visual Alarms 5a431fe9bdf95b3e3cacb907

Use the navigation tree to interact with the components. Each node in the tree is a data set used for construction of workspace assemblies.


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