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Impact 5 Roll

Due to variations in material characteristics and physical conveyor design (Height and length), the selection of idlers is unique to most applications. The items in this section are grouped design parameters for carrying idlers used on this site.

Number of Rolls(per base) Idler Roll Diameter (mm) Idler Roll Length (mm) C (kN) D (mm) E (mm) Frame Mass (Kg) Rotating Mass (Kg) Url Roll Mass (Kg) Idler Set Mass (Kg) Image Idler Gauge Length (mm) Length of Flat (mm) Nominal Wall Thickness (mm) D - Outer race diameter (mm) B - Bearing width (mm) Seal Thickness (mm) Designation Limiting speed (r/min) Reference speed (r/min) C0 (kN) Pu (kN) A (mm) Shell Mass (Kg) Bearing Housing Mass (Kg) D - Circlip (mm) b - Circlip (mm) t - Circlip (mm) Idler Seal Design % Bearing Width (%) Shell Weld (mm) Idler Type Idler Frame Design Shaft Series (mm) Belt Width (mm) Wing Roll Angle (Degree) Idler Roll Material
5 159 475 188 - - 73.7 12.3 Link 15.9 153 485 14 Impact 5 Roll Troughing 5 Roll 35 2100 45 Rubber Disk
5 159 340 Link 350 14 Impact 5 Roll 3 Roll, offset, top mounted, tubular 35 1500 45 Rubber Disk
5 159 400 29.6 6.68 Link 410 14 4 72 19 19.00 6306 13000 20000 16 0.67 2058 6.12 0.56 27.9 3.5 1.5 Integral Bearing Sealing 100 4 Impact 5 Roll Troughing 5 Roll 30 1800 Rubber Disk


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