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Belt Modulus

Modulus is a measure of a conveyor belt’s resistance to stretching. The modulus of elasticity in tension, sometimes referred to as Young’s modulus, is defined as the ratio of the increment of unit stress to increment of unit deformation within the elastic limit. A list of conveyor belt modulus is provided below. The table below is a list of catalogue values, and should be used as a comparison for any calculated values of modulus vs the supplier listed actual values.

Belt Class Belt Type Belt Modulus
400 Textile-reinforced conveyor belting 2950
630 Textile-reinforced conveyor belting 4200
500 Textile-reinforced conveyor belting 3330
1000 Textile-reinforced conveyor belting 6660
800 Textile-reinforced conveyor belting 5330
1250 Textile-reinforced conveyor belting 8330
1600 Steel cord reinforced conveyor belting 95800
1000 Textile-reinforced conveyor belting 10010


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