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Chute Types

A list of chute types used in bulk materials handling applications.

Design Type Image Type Description
Inline Chute Inline transfer chute.
No Skirting Loading Arrangement A loading boot arraignment that does not include belt skirting, generally suited for low tonnage systems.
Belt Feeder Arrangement A powered belt feeder used to extract material from a chute or storage bunker arraignment.
Combination Smooth Ceramic and Rock Box Flow based loading system that makes use of mini rock boxes to reduce wear along flow areas.
Rock Box Loading Arrangement An impact based loading area, generally suited to large lump size material.
Installation and Maintenance Cost Spiral Chute 90 Degree chute for high volume low wear transfer points.
Smooth Ceramic Arrangement A smooth flow based loading arrangement, designed to reduce friction. Generally used where equipment limitation prevent installation of other material loading arrangements.
Skirted Load Station Arrangement A skirted loading boot arrangement allows for the better control of spillage and dust.
Moving Head Arrangement The head pulley of the conveyor will move to load on the receiving conveyor. This allows for better loading and flow control on the material.
Rock Box Head Arrangement An impact based loading area, generally suited to large lump size material.
Hood Arrangement Directs material into a vertical flow path, not suited to large lump size. Proper location of hood on the trajectory stream is critical
WEBA Arrangement Mini rock arrangement, suited well to Iron ore loading, further information required on Sticky material. M&J
Kris Lip Liner Arrangement Utilized at Sishen Mine in the bedding and blending plant, suited to high speed, high wear scenarios, the arrangement are retrofitted into WEBA chutes.
Spoon Loading Arrangement Generally used at the loading point of a conveyor to allow for speed matching of material from incoming material to the receiving belt.
Material Degredation Flow type hard face steel liners Design for low tonnages , all liners should be designed to allow for maximum material speed through the chute.
Blockage Smooth Polyurethane Chute Liners