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Feasibility Study - Functional Specification

A Functional Design Specification (FDS) is a document used by companies in a pre-development phase to translate all notes, concepts, and scope into a complete requirements document. At a minimum, an FDS will contain an organized list of requirements that can be used for development, testing, and client sign-off. The list below describes suggested minimum FDS check points.

Area/Element Criteria
Design - Civil Civil designs for underground trunk conveyor systems to including designs for slab grading and water run off etc.
Design - Mechanical Chute flow modeling is required for chutes.
Design - Civil Civil bases to be designed to accommodate 1:100-year water runoff.
Design - Electrical Lightning protection investigation and risk assessment/specialist Input.
Design - Civil Trunk / section transfer point civil drawings to be provided as standard for later development of the mine.
Design - Structural Formal Structural designs for the conveyor steel work should be provided by the design consultant.
Design - Mechanical Ensure hydraulic power packs and oil reservoirs are separated by firewall (fire protection requirement)
Design - Civil A detailed Traffic Management plan of the locations vehicle and personnel interaction is to be provided by the design consultant.
Design - Mechanical Chute designs to minimize material degradation. Wear liner material to optimize ease of replacement and minimize duration of replacement period.
Design - Structural A minimum of 2.0m head clearance on all maintenance platforms. All equipment to be easily accessible and maintenance friendly. All Cat ladders and low clearance platforms / maintenance areas to be assessed and concessions provided.
Design - Mechanical Underground trunk belts to make use of Automatic Winch take-ups.
Design - Mechanical Full mechanical conveyor designs to be provided by Design consultant.
Belting and Splicing All belting to be suitable for fiery mines, and to be suitably fire rated to current industry standards.
Design - Mechanical All conveyor drives to be AC Induction Motor with Variable Frequency Control and Direct Coupling (VFD).
Health , Safety and the Environment All conveyors to be suitably guarded to protect personnel. Minimum requirements are covered by the Mechanical design specification standards references.
Design - Civil A drawing covering the minimum requirements for the trunk running length civil layout shall be provided. This should cover drainage and minimum quality requirements for the development of the running conveyor length.
Design - Structural It is suggested that manufacturing drawings should also be developed by the Consulting engineer to reduce misinterpretation of the transfer and chute arrangements.
Design - Civil A full 3-dimensional model of the box cut entrance should be provided including all interface equipment and steel work. A formal model review should be conducted on these interfaces and should cover the constructability of this area.
Dust Suppresion Design consultant or dust suppresion supplier to detail the following key design criteria for the dust supprssion per transfer system or special location : Nozzles maximum pressure rating ; Operating pressure range ; Flow rate by area ; nozzle qty by are...
Health , Safety and the Environment Are there safety measures in place for mud rushes from mass flow hoppers or chutes?
Design - Mechanical Have considerations been made for double handling of large lumps and tramp iron.
Design - Mechanical Large lump sizes and very high impact to be considered.
Design - Mechanical Mass flow chutes , hoppers and feeders should concider the 5 times max lump and 3 times max lump rule.
Dust Suppresion Has the piston effect of dust in high speed chutes been accounted for?


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