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Friction Factor (Goodyear)

The overall friction in the conveyor belt system is a composition of the movement of the belt over the pulley or idlers, rolling resistance of idlers and pulleys, and belt drag due to misalignment. The frictional force is obtained by using empirical coefficients such as the Goodyear Method in the table below. The items in this subsection are used to compile the power and tension design considerations for the component section of the site and assemblies.

Detail Friction Factor C Length Factor Lo (m)
Grade A - Horizontal or inclined conveyor - permanent structure , clean and in good condition. 0.022 60
Grade A - declined conveyor - permanent strrucutur e, clean and in good condition. 0.012 145
Grade A - Underground or other conveyors likely to operate under adverse conditions and over 150m in length. 0.022 60
Grade - B - underground or other conveyors likely to operate under adverse conditions up to 150m in length. 0.03 40
Grade B - declined conveyor - temporary structure, or in sub-standard condition. 0.022 60
Grade - B - Horizontal or inclined conveyor temporary structure or in a sub-standard condition. 0.03 40


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