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To effectively utilize the Shiftbulk platform, access the navigation tree on the left side of the interface. Click on the different components in the tree to interact with them, view their properties, and make adjustments as needed. This user-friendly menu ensures efficient and seamless management of your conveyor system components.

A list of equipment Features applicable to conveyor equipment.

A list of equipment Features applicable to conveyor equipment.

Non-contact stockpile height measurement with laser technology
Double Blade belt scrapers
Safety guarding
Optional quick set-up features provide maximum portability.
Heavy-duty construction ensures years of trouble-free operation and high resale value.
Quality management and control.
Limit switch control on slew functionality.
Onsite training
Safety , Maintenance and Operational documentation
Built in counterweights at the tail end of the main conveyor.
High quality, off-the-shelf components are readily available.
Manufactured in South Africa. by experienced personnel using proven manufacturing techniques to ensure unmatched quality.
Link conveyors are easily relocated using supplied tow hitch at the tail end.
Optional magnet mounting location (Belt Magnet not included).
All-jig-welded lattice frame assembly with heavy-duty tubing ensures a straight and reliable frame for long service life.
Double-sided access walkways
Bias plough at tail loading.
Simple conveyor stop-start control.


Shiftbulk is a collaborative platform that simplifies the design and purchasing process for belt conveyor systems. With a comprehensive database of conveyor components, users can create custom systems and optimize costs and suppliers. Beta 0.9.01

Built with the Fraternate user framework

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Shiftbulk not only offers conveyor system management solutions, but also provides a dedicated platform for handling comment queries and issues related to your plant's conveyors. Experience seamless communication and swift issue resolution, leading to improved operational efficiency and optimized performance.

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