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Drive Friction Factors

Belt conveyors utilize a friction drive and accordingly, when power is applied to the drive system, one run of the belt will experience a higher tension than the other. The amount of slack side tension required to prevent slippage at the drive is a function of several constant factors amongst others is the coefficient of friction between the drive system. Below is a list of standard drive pulley friction factors from various design catalogues and standards.

Friction Factor (Min) Friction Factor (Max) Description Reference
0.2 0.2 Bare pulley running in water CMA
0.25 0.25 Bare Pulley CEMA
0.35 0.35 Wet Lagged STEVENS ADAMSON
0.35 0.35 Dry Lagged BRIDGESTONE
0.25 0.3 Wet and Dirty Lagged REMA TIP TOP
0.35 0.35 Bare Pulley STEVENS ADAMSON
0.35 0.35 Lagged STEVENS ADAMSON
0.35 0.35 Dry Lagged STEVENS ADAMSON
0.1 0.3 Bare Pulley BRIDGESTONE
0.4 0.4 Wet and Dirty Lagged LINATEX
0.4 0.45 Dry Lagged REMA TIP TOP
0.35 0.35 Rubber surfced belt driving rubeer lagged pulley surface CEMA
0.35 0.35 Wet and Dirty Lagged CEMA
0.6 0.6 Dry Lagged LINATEX
0.25 0.25 Rubber surfaced belt driving bare steel pulley CEMA
0.35 0.35 dry lagged pulleys CMA
0.8 0.8 pulleys lagged with ceramics CMA
0.35 0.35 Lagged CEMA
0.35 0.35 Dry Lagged CEMA
0.35 0.35 Wet Lagged CEMA
0.35 0.35 Wet and Dirty Lagged STEVENS ADAMSON
0.2 0.3 Wet Lagged BRIDGESTONE
0.2 0.2 Wet and Dirty Lagged BRIDGESTONE
0.8 0.8 Wet Lagged LINATEX
0.35 0.35 Wet Lagged REMA TIP TOP
0.5 0.5 Dimpled Ceramic or equivalent hard material CEMA


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