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Conveyor Idlers

The subsections of this item cover a set of key design and selection criteria for idlers(rollers) on a bulk material handling belt conveyor system or project.

The following items are available :

Bearing Housings

The table below covers typical types of bearing houses used on idlers and pulleys on a bulk material hand...

Idler Bearings

Idler life is a function of many factors, such as belt speed, shell thickness, seals, and bearings. The i...

Idler Circlips

A Circlip is a device made of a semi-flexible metal with a circular shape used to keep components fitted ...

Idler Frame Design

The idler frame serves the purpose of providing support and protection for the conveyor belt and the load...

Idler Roll Material

The table below covers typical idler roll construction types used on typical conveyor idlers.

Idler Roll Sizes

The table below covers idler roll dimensions used on typical conveyor idlers.

Idler Seals

Seals are an essential part of the performance of the rollers and pulleys on the conveyor system. Seals e...

Idler Shaft Series

The table below provides typical idler shaft series (diameters) and their applicable standard.

Idler Type

The table below covers idler frame and roll configuration types used on typical conveyor idlers.

Idlers Diameters

The table below provides idler diameters with respective thicknesses from various national standards.

Number of Rolls

The table below provides typical number of roll configurations used for conveyor idlers.

Wing Roll Angles

The table below provides typical idler wing roll configuration angles.

Use the navigation tree to interact with the database. Each node in the tree is a data set used for construction of workspace assemblies.


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