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Idler Seals

Seals are an essential part of the performance of the rollers and pulleys on the conveyor system. Seals ensure that the bearings are protected from water and dirt while minimizing the rolling resistance. The table below covers idler seal construction types used on typical conveyor idlers.

Type Detail % Bearing Width
Integral Bearing Sealing Optimal drag with better sealing. The seal is a multi-labyrinth system the same as the contactless seal with the addition of a lip-style contact seal to provide a positive seal to water and dirt ingress. This seal is designed for plant or shorter conveyor... 100
Contactless Sealing Lowest drag and breakaway mass. The seal is a multi-part labyrinth seal that ensures that any dirt has to follow a long path to the bearing. The contactless design gives an extremely low running resistance. This seal is ideally used for standard and long ... 100
Flinger Seals In addition to the internal labyrinth seals, an external rubber “flinger” seal may be added for additional sealing especially to deflect washing water.


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