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Pulley Data

The subsections of this item cover data used to design and select High Tension Drive, High Tension Snub and Low-Tension Snub Pulleys on a bulk material handling project.

The following items are available :

Bearing Centers

The bearing center is the center point of the outer ring raceway. In conveyor systems, the bearing center...

Bearing Centers Type

The bearing center is the center point of the outer ring raceway. In conveyor systems, the bearing center...

Hubs and Bushing

The pulley hub is a point of connection between the shaft and the end disk or pulley wall. Types of pulle...

Journal Shaft Diameters

The journal of the shaft is the outermost part of the shaft that is in contact with the bearing. A list o...

Lagging Materials

Conveyor pulleys are often covered with a variety of materials including rubber, fabric, urethane, cerami...

Lagging Patterns

There are groove configurations and sizes of lagging which can be furnished on the pulley to enhance belt...

Pulley Diameters

The pulley diameter plays an important role in conveyor system design. Standardization and simplification...

Pulley Types

Conveyor pulleys are designed for use on belt conveyor systems as a means to drive, redirect, provide ten...

Shaft Diameters

The shaft diameter used in a conveyor system on a pulley assembly is a function of two criteria, shaft di...

Standard Pulley Dimensions

Standard Pulley Dimensions

Standard Shaft Dimensions

A list of standard shaft dimensions used in bulk materials handling is provided below.

Type of End disk

Rolls and pulleys are fabricated from steel tubes or a continuous rim that is fitted with two end discs. ...

Type of Locking Element

A locking element is a device that uses frictional resistance to transmit torque between the pulley and t...


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